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Highlighting Our Members Who Are Business Owners

Supporting the Jades of Sigma Chi Psi

When we founded Sigma Chi Psi, we understood what it means to juggle being a full-time mother, sister, stay-at-home-individual, business owner, and try to attain higher education. Online students handle way more than the average college student. College requires focus and dedication and taking online classes may be flexible, but when you have other roles to play, it's often difficult.


Many women choose online education over in-person classes so they can better balance work and family.

According to BestColleges' 2020 Trends in Online Education: Gender Differences report, over 40% of online students think women face more challenges than men as online learners. Despite these challenges, female students continue to dominate the online education space — and excel in it, too.

These days, a growing number of women are choosing online education, not as a backup plan after having children, but as the first step toward their career goals. What's more, the diversification of female learners in terms of marital status and age suggests that women of all backgrounds can glean special benefits from online education.

Our members have many reasons why they support Sigma Chi Psi. Still, the most important reason they decide to contribute their time and treasures is that our sorority works to help empower the college women of today and tomorrow to forge lifelong connections, exercise leadership, and serve others. 


Online learning is poised to become the educational norm, and research has proven that its structure is advantageous to women. Women's continued success in online education could help change various stigmas placed upon them. There is power in relationships that extends beyond a generic introduction. When you support a Sigma Chi Psi sister, you’re supporting and creating connections based on shared interests and goals.  Therefore it is important to us to shine a light on our members who are business owners.

B $avvy Career Services, LLC





Dr. Xellex Rivera

Tonya R. Rankins


First Military Spouses Sorority

Fransine Sanchez

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Constance Pleasant

Owns a nonprofit organization called Veteran Comic Con which supports military veterans.

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Lisa Patton

Misty Bolden


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Misty Bolden


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Ashley Spears

Facebook: Saditty Avenue 

Instagram: Saditty_Avenue 

Yolanda Wilson

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YonnieLoves Beauty Boutique 


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