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SCP Events 2021
Please email your chapter President or VP for chapter events.

Sorority Gala 

Arrive May 21st Leave May 23rd

Atlanta, GA

All events held at the hotel  

Click here for tickets

Friday Meet and greet

Saturday Picture Day & Member/Vendor Business Expo

Saturday Night- Gala 


SCP Retreat August 9th to 12th 

Rescheduled for 2022

SCP Quarterly Virtual Zoom Meet and Greet

January 17th

April 18th 5:30 pm EST

July 18th 5:30 pm EST

October 18th 5:30 pm EST


SCP Events 2022

Sorority & Fraternity Conference 

Dates: TBD

Sorority & Fraternity Gala 

Dates: TBD

Sorority & Fraternity Retreat

Dates: TBD 

SCP Quarterly Virtual Zoom Meet and Greet

January: TBD

April: TBD

July: TBD 

October: TBD


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