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Potential Member Applications

First collegiate fraternity for accredited online colleges and universities.

Gamma Sigma Gamma aspires to be nationally recognized as the first collegiate fraternity for men pursuing their degree online and envisions connecting our brothers across the world.

Though we primarily focus on men attending online universities, we also extend membership to community and technical colleges.

We operate virtually and aspire to connect locally.

Membership requirements will not be the same as a traditional in-person Collegiate Greek fraternity. However, we definitely carry on the tradition of secrecy, meaning most of our process we do not disclose publicly. 

Who can apply?

  • First - Term Students (enrollment verification form required)

  • Undergraduate

  • Graduate Students

  • Doctoral Students

  • Alumni (official or unofficial transcripts with conferral date required)

  • Online University Faculty (official transcript with conferral date)

  • Community and technical college faculty (official transcript with conferral date)

  • Students from technical colleges

  • Students from community colleges


1. Follow our IG and Facebook. Links to social pages can be found at the bottom of this page. If your social is private, we will request to follow you at some point if you proceed with applying ( we have to view your social as part of the process verifying you say who you are). If you don't have social media, instructions will be provided in the email that contains the application. 

2. You must fall in one of the categories mentioned under "Who Can Apply."

3. You Must provide all required information on the application or explain why on any space on the application. 

4. Minimum GPA of 2.8 on a 4.0 scale. (unofficial or official transcripts required). If you are not a current student, please see "who can apply" to review what needs to be submitted. 

5. You must be skilled at following instructions.

Transcripts are required. Instructions are on the application regarding transcripts.  

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  • Instagram
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